About Interstellar Reconnaissance

Alone Together

TL;DR - Interstellar Reconnaissance caters to solo players who don't have the time/schedule/love for voice coms/tolerance of others, to commit to a normal corporation but still want to be part of something more than an NPC corp.

I'll start with a little background on my own experiences with EVE Online to hopefully better relay to you what this Corporation is all about and why I created it.

I began EVE in 2012 and was lucky enough to find out about EVE University early on where I learnt the basics of the game. I left the Uni shortly after I signed up for the mentor program where you are assigned an experienced mentor to help you in the game. This was to be the first occasion of many where I put myself into a position where I didn't have the time irl or inclination to fullfill the expectations of my corp(even though I put myself in this position by signing up for the Mentor Program in the first place).

I wandered solo for a while and then joined a legendary Faction Warfare corp called The Guardians of the Gate. Those guys were epic:) But again, I soon started to feel like I HAD to log in to do this or that and I stopped logging in again because the fun was gone. I wanted to play how and when I chose to.

This happened again twice. The last time being right now. I'm currently a member of the Goonswarm Alliance as part of the Lords of Justice Corporation. I was actually quiet happy sneaking around Delve on my own and in my own time doing nothing more than exploration and lighting the occasional cyno to scare the locals when I met Cpt Mangrum in local, who just happened to be the same guy who taught me most of what I know now back when I was in Guardian of the Gate. Awesome dude:) I had vowed to play solo forever but when we started talking he invited me to join and I guess I forgot the golden rule.

So, I'll be leaving LOJ and the Goons tonight and rejoining my own corp, Interstellar Reconnaissance.

So, why would a solo guy want to start a corp and invite others to join you ask?

Well, I'm pretty confidant that there are others like myself, who are either time limited, don't enjoy sitting in voice coms all night or just plain like to play on their own that wish they were in, and could benefit from being in, a non NPC corp. I'd love to create an enviroment where everyone feels like they are a part of something without the duties and commitments associated with a normal corp.

If you don't log in for 6 months - who cares! Don't want to get on coms? - then don't.

For the record, voice coms are essential for fleets etc, and I love fleets, but, for myself atleast, I can't get anything done in game if I'm on coms all night. Must be apoor multitasker:)

So here we are then

Interstellar Reconnaissance is the coporation you have been looking for if you don't want to have to be on coms all the time, don't want to play to a schedule that doesn't suit you and you want to do your own thing but with the benefits of being in a player run corp.

Such as:

  • Like minded individuals that you have something in common with that you can go to for help/guidance/fire power if needed
  • Eyes and intel from all over New Eden
  • The ability to blog your adventures here at IN-RE.space(if you are an explorer like me you'll probably enjoy keeping a log:)
  • Forums

Joining Interstellar Reconnaissance

Joining is simple. No API required. No Voice Coms required. Just find us using the Corporation finder in game and apply to join. Easy.